Recorded on September 29, 2020 What makes a classic timeless and fresh? NOT THE GENDER OF THE PLAYWRIGHT! So why do men dominate the classical canon? ...View Details

Recorded on July 28, 2020   Visionary director and arts leader David Mendizábal joins Artistic Director Gabriel Stelian-Shanks to talk about how one b...View Details

Recorded on September 17, 2020   How do you know a story is worth telling? Even if that story scares you? Artistic Director Gabriel Stelian-Shanks tal...View Details

Recorded on August 17, 2020   We attended the bilingual immersive quinceañera that is bringing the party and rocking the vote. Estefanía Fadul (direct...View Details

Recorded on September 11, 2020   Do you remember your high school civics class? How about this one, what is gerrymandering? Or Mary Flanagan's critica...View Details

Recorded on August 5, 2020   Keeping artists working. Keeping artists creating. Keeping artists serving their communities. Are deep concerns for theat...View Details

Recorded on August 4, 2020 How the American Theatre returns is a burning question in debate across the nation. We are joined by an esteemed virologist...View Details

Recorded on July 17, 2020

  The skillfully compassionate director and visionary arts leader Mei Ann Teo joins the series from her native country ...View Details

This conversation was recorded in early June 2020, in wake of the murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud ...View Details

This conversation was recorded in late May 2020, prior to the murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Rayshard Brooks, and in the wake of the murder...View Details

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