Direconomics Pt. 1

The interviews in this episode were recorded over the course of October, November, and December 2020

Directors at their core are creators, leaders, and storytellers, and often the stories they share with audiences bring great success, both artistically and financially. However, the path to financial independence as a director isn’t as clear as one might expect. How can artists, producers, and patrons work together to create a more sustainable and tangible industry for its creative teams, and at what cost – literally.

Join Drama League Associate Artistic Director Nilan and Directors Project alumni Danny Sharron along with some of our industry’s most critically-acclaimed directors Saheem Ali, David Cromer, Colette Robert, Jacob Padrón, Leigh Silverman, and Gabriel Stelian-Shanks in a season premiere three-part conversation about the economics of theater, pulling back the curtain on the class divisions built into the commercial and non-profit theater while reimagining a more equitable future for the industry.

For more information about Danny Sharron visit: http://www.dannysharron.com/
For more information about Saheem Ali: https://www.saheemali.com/
For more information about David Cromer: https://www.steppenwolf.org/artists/david--cromer/
For more information about Colette Robert: https://www.coletterobert.com/
For more information about Jacob Padrón: http://www.solproject.org/jacob-padroacuten.html
For more information about Leigh Silverman: https://sdcweb.org/staff/leigh-silverman/

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